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ACE Tennis to partner with TennisLMS

Fri, Dec 7, 2012

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ACE Tennis to partner with TennisLMS


Seattle, Washington
December 4th, 2012

For immediate release – Today, Sasha Frljanic, Founder and CEO of TennisLMS announced its newest partnership in their family of business partners. ACE Tennis, a Canadian company, founded by legendary Pierre (the Bear) Lamarche and now led by former Jamaican National Tennis Director, Doug Burke have agreed to make the TennisLMS, its software of choice to provide online learning services for its students, parents, coaches and administrators.

TennisLMS is a broad term used for a wide range of systems that organize a multitude of components required for player development. The software provides a sophisticated method to identify gaps for players and coaches both on and off court. TennisLMS creates short and long term development plans as well as provide players and coaches with a long term data bank for future decision making.

Frljanic said, “ACE Tennis has developed a ‘Tennis Mantra,’ a unique training philosophy/method based on years of research and practical experience. They have been a force in Canadian tennis for over 30 years. TennisLMS will be customized to fully support the ACE Tennis Mantra and will be used for all of their player development activities.”

Doug Burke had the following comments, “Pierre and I have wanted to improve the communication process with our players, parents and coaches and the TennisLMS system, with our plans to provide tournament video availability in Burlington, is a major step in the management of information required for player development. We also are looking at ways of sharing the system with other academies who cannot afford the overall administrative and management costs of operating an academy. For example, this system could be shared with a club in Halifax, Nova Scotia who could have access to program information which would be too costly for them to develop. It is one way we have decided to give back to the Canadian game.”

Integration of the system will be started on a test basis in January of 2013 with full implementation to be done for the fall of 2013. As part of the partnership agreement both companies will help in cross-marketing and professional business expansions.

For contact: Sasha Frljanic and Doug Burke.

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