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Norbert Nemcsek: University of North Florida Here I Come

Wed, Mar 23, 2011

f. Norbert Nemcsek

Norbert Nemcsek: University of North Florida Here I Come

Written by: Norbert Nemcsek


***19 year old Norbert moved to Toronto from Hungary at the age of 16. Norbert has many national and international titles such as the 2009 ITF Championship in Burlington and other national titles from Hungary. Norbert grew up in Hungary as being one of the top players in the country. He was part of the Hungarian national team for several years and now his dream is to play college tennis in the U.S. Norbert will be blogging us regularly about his journey towards University.***


The search for a University started last year, back in June when I made my recruiting video and posted it on YouTube. Then I slowly started receiving emails from different coaches/universities such as Middle Tennessee, University of Southern Mississippi, Marquette University or UNLV. Unfortunately I did not get a lot of good offers until just about two weeks ago.

The coach from UNF was able to come up with a very good offer. It was the offer that I had been waiting for since I made my recruiting video. I started talking to the coach when Victor and I were down in Florida for a couple of tournaments back in January. The tournaments down there were really tough; draws were a 128 in size full of very good players. Just to give you an idea of how good they were, Victor got double bagelled in one of his matches. That means he lost 6-0, 6-0! To be honest, it was very painful for me to watch and try to cheer because there were not a lot of points where I could clap or do anything positive. Of course after the match Victor was all depressed and I had to deal with that too; although he said he didn’t cry but his eyes were all red… So go figure…

Anyways I met a friend from Hungary (Dennis) at one of the tournaments; Dennis played for Baylor University and was one of the top college players in the US. He is good friends with the coach at UNF and that’s how I got in contact with him. I was able to meet the coach just a couple of days after, because on the same day we went down to Miami to celebrate Victor’s birthday, they had their season opener against the University of Miami. So I met the coach who was a really nice guy and the tennis team was very competitive as well. He told me that it was really hard to get into the school academically. Unfortunately my average is not the highest of all so he said that I might not be able to get in but at the end the coach was able to talk to admissions and could get me admitted. So kids make sure you don’t get lazy in school if you are planning on getting into university…

The journey is nowhere near the end though; I still have to fill out lots of forms such as medical forms housing forms etc. And of course the most important is to sign the contract. Signing date is April 13th so that is when I will be able to sign officially, and finally release all the stress. But as of now it looks like I will be going to UNF starting next year and will be able to work on my tan all year around. :D

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