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Harry Fauquier: Canadian Tennis Icon

Sat, Mar 5, 2011

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Harry Fauquier: Canadian Tennis Icon


***A University of Michigan graduate, Harry Fauquier has an extensive Canadian and International tennis resume. Winner of the Canadian Open Doubles Championship in 1968, captain for the University of Michigan’s tennis team in 1963 and 1964, Davis Cup player from 1962 to 1971 and Davis Cup captain from 1972 to 1974; these are only some of Harry’s many great tennis accomplishments. One of the Canada’s most reputable tennis court construction companies; Tennex Systems Inc, was started by Harry Fauquier and Keith Carpenter in 1974.

Tennex Systems has been responsible for resurfacing the Canadian Open tennis courts at the Rogers Cup and has a leading reputation in high quality hard and clay court construction and resurfacing providing outstanding tennis courts, not just in Canada but around the world. Tennex Systems Inc has constructed and resurfaced over 3000 courts throughout Canada and the Caribbean. The Granite Club, The National Tennis Centre at York University, Timberlane Tennis & Athletic Club, Toronto Lawn Tennis Club, and the Canadian Embassy in Beijing, China are just to name a few.

As a junior tennis player Harry won the Canadian National Junior Championships in 1959 and 1960, won the Open Canadian Juniors in 1960 and the closed in1959. Harry played the Pan Am Games in Brazil in 1963, Wimbledon in 1966, and The French Open in 1969. Of interest Harry never has never been a formal coach but he has coached many players including Dale Power, Jim Boyes, Greg Halder and Pierre Lamarche who all became national champions. As well, Lamarche when Davis cup captain for Canada, relied mainly on Fauquier’s insight and making tough team decisions.

Today Harry is an actively involved with Canadian Tennis  and ONcourt caught up with him to pick his brain on all things tennis! Keep reading to view our exclusive interview with the great, Harry Fauquier.***


ONcourt: You are an icon of Canadian tennis. What are some of your best memories?

Harry Fauquier: What I remember most is walking onto the court at the Toronto Lawn tennis club and that anticipation and excitement that I had knowing that I was going to be the first on those courts that day. The first one to play that morning on the court; the excitement to play just about drove me nuts.

Playing the Grand Slams and being on the tour was stressful but memorable. I wish I had enjoyed it more, I was always too focused on winning and losing and that distracts you from the magic of the game.

I loved travelling to different venues and playing different players all over the world. The thrill of playing Davis Cup is probably one of my greatest tennis memories. Tennis is so much an individual sport that experiencing playing in a team environment makes the concept of tennis something very special.

What stimulates my tennis memories is the simple act of opening a can of tennis balls and smelling that tennis smell. That one smell brings all those memories and all that pleasure and excitement flooding back all at once.

ONcourt: You are still involved with tennis in Canada. Where are you involved?

HF: I am still involved with providing court construction information and I am an owner and Founder of a Tennis Club in Aurora called Timberlane. I also am involved with sponsoring and supporting the tennis careers of specific junior tennis players to help them keep their tenni dreams alive.

ONcourt: What would you do to help Canada have more and also better players on the international scene?

HF: I would try to have or facilitate getting more people playing outdoor tennis. Tennis is an outdoor sport and there needs to be free tennis lessons in parks. I also would encourage clubs and associations to have more tournaments, whether senior, open events, junior events, etc. Players need to play more tournaments, and if this means sending them to play in other places, or creating the tournaments at home, there needs to be more tournament playing.

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