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Scott Dunlop: Wake Up Call For Municipalities And Schools

Tue, Jan 25, 2011

c. Scott Dunlop

Scott Dunlop: Wake Up Call For Municipalities And Schools

Tennis  is booming.  Industry industry indicators show growth in the game far exceeds any other traditional sport. Public courts are  full of players across the US and Canada in major metroplitan areas but many court surfaces are in terrible shape.

The USTA is trying to assist with its Facilities Assistance Program but there is a very long way to go. The real problem is that municipalities and school authorities have blinders on. The courts sit on their land under their control but they have no programs or funds in place to manage them. They just “build ‘em and forget ‘em”. It can be decades before they are repaired or resurfaced.

There is a  solution. One that Juump Sports Interactive Inc. is committed to facilitating. Assign a recreation manager or a facility coordinator the task of setting up a court booking and programming process for clusters of four courts or more and use the revenue to upgrade and refurbish the court facilities. Juump has data that demonstrates clearly that public courts can be intelligently programmed so that there is enough free time, paid booked time and paid activity (lessons, clinics, competitions etc) to ensure tennis player happiness and substantial revenue to keep tennis courts in good shape. One of the court facilities we monitor earns $17000 in annual  fees for the municipal authority on 7 courts partially programmed for the summmer season.

So.. a polite “Hello” to all municipal, recreational and school managers responsible for tennis…Do you need revenue for repair and capital improvements? Do you want to help keep people socially active on your tennis courts? Then…think of tennis like sports fields and swimming pools and enable some court booking and paid programming!

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